Tala O Le Tafea O Le Utu a Taufau, Ae Au Le Utu A Sina.

0 Le Tala i le Tafea o le Utu a Taufau, Ae Au le Utu a Sina.

Na gasegase Taufau. Ona fai atu lea: Ia potopoto mai lo tatou aiga ma faleupolu, alu se tili i la’u tama, ia vave mai nei ma te feiloa’i, ua ou vaivai. Ona alu ai lea o le tili i le tama o ta’aseu i gauta o Falealili ma Safata. Ona fai mai lea o Tupuivao: E le sau, e le tusa le ma’i o Taufau ma lo’u mana’o fiaseu.

Ona sau lea o le tama, ua ta’u mai i le tamaita’i, e le sau Tupuivao. Ona toe fa’apea fo’i lea o Taufau: Toe alu se isi i sia’u tama e tili mai nei i le feiloa’i, e fai iai o sio’u ma’i e le fa’atauva’a. Ona alu fo’i lea o le tili, ona fai atu fo’i lea iai: Na ou sau, ua vaivai le ma’i o Taufau, fai mai ta te o atu. Tali Tupuivao: Alu ia oe, ae se’i o’u talia lupe ua pupula.

Ona alu fo’i lea o le tama, ta’u atu ia Taufau: Ua le sau Tupuivao. Toe fai atu le tamaita’i: Toe alu, fai i ai e vave mai, o le a ou oti. Ona toe alu fo’i lea o le tili, ua fai atu le tama ia Tupuivao: Sau ia ta o, ua vaivai le ma’i o le tupu. Tali Tupuivao: Ou te le alu atu, se’i o’u talia lupe o maunu.

Ona toe alu atu fo’i lea, fai atu ia Taufau: “Ua le sau, fai mai se’i nofo, se’i ona talia lupe o maunu”. Ona fai atu lea o Taufau le tupu: Potopoto maia lo tatou aiga ma Tumua; fa’afogafoga mai i la’u upu o le a pa’u atu, “O le a Tafea La’u Utu, ae Au Le Utu a sio’u uso o Sina”. A’o oe Faumuina; aua ne’i e fefe pe’a sau le tamaloa fa’afia saua, au’a e au aiga ia te oe, e au fo’i ia oe faleupolu. A finagalo Tumua e te tupu, e te tupu lava. A o a’u nei, ‘Ua Tafea La’u Utu’.
_ _

Story Of Taufau’s Terminated Line Of Succession, And Bestowed Her Younger Sister Sina.

Taufau was sick. She said: Let our family and faleupolu gather and have a messenger go to my son, have him come quickly to see me once more, for i am weak. The messenger went to the son who was catching pigeons inland of Falealili and Safata. And so Tupuivao said: “I am not coming, Taufau’s sickness is not as great as my desire to catch”. So the man went again and reported to Taufau: Tupuivao is not coming. So the woman said again: Go once more, tell him to come quickly, I am about to die. And the messenger hurried once more to him and said to Tupuivao: Come, let us go, the Queen is very weak. Tupuivao answered: “I will not go until i have caught the pigeons after the full moon”.

So the messenger returned again and said to Taufau: “He is not coming; he said he would stay until he had caught the pigeons after the full moon”. Then Queen Taufau spoke: “Let our family and the Tumua gather; heed my word; as i am growing weak, my own descendants and their line are to be teiminated and my sister Sina’s line is to take it’s place”.

You Faumuina (Sina’s son), have no fear when that fellow comes and wants to make trouble, for the family stands behind you and the faleupolu will follow you. If the Tumua want you to be king, you alone will be king, for I have cut off my own descendants. As Taufau suspected, Tupuivao did not take this lightly but started a war. But he was defeated by Faumuina and exiled to Tutuila, like Va’afusuaga and others.


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