Book: Samoa mo Samoa by Professor J.W. Davidson.

Political History Book “Samoa mo Samoa” by Professor J.W. Davidson.

The Emergence of the Independence State Of Western Samoa.

DAVIDSON, JAMES WIGHTMAN (1915-1973), historian, was born on 1 October 1915 in Wellington, New Zealand. He was in Western Samoa in 1949, reporting to the New Zealand Government and advising the high chiefs on independence negotiations, when he accepted the foundation chair of Pacific history in the Research School of Pacific Studies at the Australian National University.

In 1947 Professor J.W. Davidson was asked to examine political conditions in Western Samoa for the New Zealand Government. His first visit resulted in a continuing commitment to the affairs of Western Samoa. During 1949 and 1950 he was a member of the Samoa Public Service and of the Legislative Assembly; between 1959 and 1961 he was Constitutional Adviser to the Government of Western Samoa; and since Western Samoa’s attainment of independence in 1962 he has continued to be consulted by the Samoan Government. The book Samoa mo Samoa examines these questions in relation to the political evolution of Western Samoa.

Professor J.W. Davidson has been able to handle the subject from this point of view because his knowledge of the documentary sources has been complemented by a long association with Samoan affairs.

(Birth: 1 October 1915, Wellington, New Zealand. Death: 8 April 1973, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.)

To Access the 17 Pages of the book Samoa mo Samoa that mentions a lot about who the Samoan Leaders were highly recommended with there successful Political leadership for Samoa, and also the first successful Samoan businessmen, with such experiences was able to stand up against the administration and the New Zealand Government demanding freedom for Self-Government in Samoa.

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